Self reliance in Control & Instrumentation and the growing need for an indigenous source of supply of C&I systems for core industries like Power, Steel, Oil, Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals And Chemicals – it was to achieve this prime objectives that Instrumentation Ltd (ILP) was established at Kota, Rajasthan in 1964. This unit started manufacturing a wide range of electronic and pneumatic instruments in collaboration with world renowned leaders like Toshiba, Japan; H&B, Germany; Fuji Electric, Japan; ABB, UK; Kyosan BV, Japan etc.

The second unit was established exactly a decade later at Palakkad dedicated to the manufacture of control valves, butterfly valves, pressure reducing valves and allied equipments required for the C&I packages being supplied by IL on a turnkey basis.

Pioneer of C&I in India, Instrumentation Ltd, today plays a vital support role for a very wide spectrum of industrial enterprises – ranging from core sector establishments such as steel, power, cement and oil refineries to large medium and even small scale industries. It has in its emerged as a company that is truly contemporary in a global context.

In India ILP has achieved self reliance in the field of Instrumentation and has gone on to earn a fair name as the leader in providing turnkey Instrumentation, not only to the core Indian industry, but also to the overseas market as well.

Not only thus ILP conserve and earn precious foreign exchange, it has also played a dominant role in making India self-reliant in turnkey Instrumentation skills.

Instrumentation Limited., Palakkad (ILP) started its operations in collaboration with M/s Yamatake Honeywell Co. Ltd., Japan (YH) the world renowned leader in process control instrumentation including final control elements like control valves etc.

Today, ILP plays a vital support role for a very wide spectrum of industrial enterprises in India and abroad.

Further to being market leader in India, have contributed significantly to the export market, with supplies to erstwhile USSR, Rumania, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Malta, Egypt, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Since 1974, Flow Products Division of ILP has been assimilating and harnessing technology from around the world, for dedicated application across wide ranging needs related to fluid-flow and control.

ILP's manufacturing range spans Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Flow Elements, Power Cylinders, Pneumatic Actuators, Electrical Actuators, Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating stations and allied accessories.

Capacity 10000 numbers/Year

The manufacturing facility is rated as one of the best in South East Asia.

ILP has bagged major orders against stiff global competition. ILP has entered into rate contract agreements with major customers to supply valves as original equipment.

ILP has been approved by PDO, Oman for supply of Control Valves.

Instrumentation Limited Palakkad, is the first control valve manufacturer in India to receive ISO 9001 certification and recertified for upgraded 2008 version in January 2013.

The excellent sub-vendor base developed by Palakkad Unit caters short term delivery requirements of fast track projects. We have also substantially added to our manufacturing capacity to facilitate faster delivery to our customers.

Valve size less than 6" can be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks from the date of receipt of firm order and in 8 to 10 weeks for valves of sizes above 6" and high pressure valves.

Being in the field of Control Valves for the last 35+ years, we have got the best manpower trained in the fields of research, design, application engineering, manufacturing, testing, field claim abatement techniques and these personnel invariably get together to suggest optimum design features for solving problems faced during commissioning or normal operation of plants.

We have also a full fledged after- sales service department which is adequately stocked with inventory of spare parts and are in a position to respond to all sorts of problems with regard to various types of valves within shortest possible time.

Besides, an extensive network of Branch Offices and Regional offices is available to cater to sales and timely after-sales support.

Regular customer education programmes for the benefit of both Executive and supervisory levels are conducted at Palakkad. In these programmes, theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted to the participants in order to carry out preventive maintenance as well as minor modifications/ renovations that might be required at a later stage.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. had selected our training team to impart training to customers at OMAN.